Getting a Prototype Printed Circuit Board (PCB): Make It Easy


When designing a new solution, or revising an existing one, designing and securing a prototype of this Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is frequently a hard and expensive undertaking. When we examine the reason why that is so, we’ll find strategies to help make the process easy.

In the same way as any product PCB prototype that’s built to your specification, a new printed circuit board has some up front costs which are exactly the exact same no matter how large, or small that the manufacturing volume is. To style a board, or update a current one, may get an engineering cost. There will still be a charge to building a brand new solder mask to the board. Remember if you change just one component or you also redesign the plank, any switch in an already covered solder mask, will need a brand new one to be made.

It is a common misconception which a little change at the PCB, should have a small charge to understand that shift. Since you view, a change is a change about the cost of printing the board. Additionally, it doesn’t follow for your own technology. It’s frequently the situation that some one has something made years back by one engineer that they want marginally modified by yet another engineer. The new scientist will need to review the existing design to observe how to execute the desirable change.

This can be bothersome to the company paying for the bill as they can feel cheated to pay nearly the price of a new PCB when they only want to alter their existing PCB.

The way around this is to plan ahead when you are designing PCB from scratch and utilize a business which will help you do so.

Let us take the case of a PCB which in addition to power and also a power on lighting, may have two inputs and 2 outputs. It is possibly, if not likely, that additional features are desired for the next iteration of this product, let us say 4 inputs and 3 outputs and a display. The details of this desired iteration are never into the forefront but it’s logical that the next iteration would gain out of that, sometime in the foreseeable future (this can be even years after ).

Bear in mind, there is a fixed cost to the solder mask and also the engineering time. The added cost of technology the future desired features is negligible when compared with the cost of designing from scratch. Just because there’s circuitry in your PCB does not mean that you need to populate it when you have planks made. You are able to in essence make a board that includes two revisions.

While it’s true you will still need to produce alteration to the applications on your micro controller, this will probably soon be easier and more economical than revising the whole board.

This is going to be especially true when you keep good notes on the plank and a great copy of the software with notes to where you wish to modify it.

Whenever you’re trying to have PCB designed and built, start looking for a firm that will allow you to sort out these problems. Utilize their expertise to check out what’s reasonable to shop for and what is not. In case the firm you are working with does not want to aid you with this; try to find another one that really does.

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